Parenting as an option

There likely isn’t a parent on the planet that hasn’t had the flood of emotions about “how am I going to do this”.  Even in the most perfect of situations, the thought of parenting can be overwhelming.  We completely understand.  If you have concerns about how to pay for a baby, education, job or career decision, we can help direct you to the resources you need.  Our clinics can answer your questions about parenting during your pregnancy screening.


Perhaps you want to parent but someone else is pressuring you to terminate the pregnancy.

Remember this is your body and your choice.

There is no decision in life you should make based on the pressure of another individual. 

Your life is full of possibilities and so is the one inside of you.  You are a strong powerful woman and have the ability to make the right decision for you.

The first step is to start with a pregnancy screening and ultrasound. To schedule click here. 


Parenting Information

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