How many days a month can I get pregnant?

You should know . . . It is not possible for a woman to get pregnant about 26 days a month. Many of the days when women take the morning-after pill, it is impossible to get pregnant anyway. This fact makes “effectiveness” statistics for emergency contraception look much better than they really are. 

What is the first sign of pregnancy?

A missed period is most common sign of a potential pregnancy. Click here for a list of more symptoms.

What is an ectopic pregnancy?
This is when the embryo is growing outside of a woman’s uterus, usually in her fallopian tube. This is a potentially life-threatening condition in which a fertilized egg implants outside of the uterus—most often in the fallopian tubes.  The cramping and abdominal pain that may result from the use of a morning-after pill can mask the symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy, which requires emergency care.

  • If the embryo is in the fallopian tube, the abortion pill won’t end the pregnancy and the embryo will continue to grow and could cause the tube to burst. Here’s the danger: The cramping and abdominal pain that are normal after the use of the abortion pill are a lot like the symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy. A woman might not realize until it’s too late that she needs to seek emergency care—and this puts her life at risk. If a woman has little or no bleeding after taking misoprostol, it could also be a warning sign for ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy is an emergency—the woman’s doctor or the emergency room at the hospital should be contacted right away. The best option is for a woman to get an ultrasound before having a medical abortion.
Will the morning after pill end an ectopic pregnancy?
The morning-after pill won’t end an ectopic pregnancy. If you have severe abdominal pain three to five weeks after using the morning-after pill, or if you miss your next menstrual period, you should see your health-care professional to rule out a pregnancy (either ectopic or within the uterus). An embryo growing in a fallopian tube will require emergency care.
Will I need a follow up after taking the abortion pill?
Because of the potential for serious health risks, an abortion provider will typically schedule a follow-up visit to evaluate the woman’s health.

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