Are you facing an unplanned pregnancy and looking for information? You might feel scared, unsure or overwhelmed. It’s okay. These are all very normal emotions, and it is important that you recognize them work through them, but try not to let these feelings overwhelm you.

You Have Time
Give yourself time to make the very best decision for you and your baby. Here is the truth: A one-of-a-kind person is developing inside you right now. You are carrying someone special, someone unique, and there will never be another person jut like your baby.

You Can Make A Plan

What will that plan look like? What resources can you explore and what decisions can you make right now that will be best for your future and for your baby?
So many thoughts go into making parenting decisions. There’s a lot to consider. IF you aren’t sure you a prepared to be a full-time parents, ask yourself, if you’ve ever thought about providing parents for your baby.

​These are 3 Types of Adoption To Consider:

Open Adoption: This choice allows you freedom to get to know the adoptive parents. You can meet them, exchange phone numbers and email address and have ongoing direct contact with them.  This communication can continue beyond the placement.  You may receive phone calls, pictures and letters, and you can even schedule visits with your baby and his or her new family.  In addition, part of an open adoption is the opportunity to choose who will parent your baby.

Semi-Open Adoption:  This choice allows you to select the parents for your baby, but full, identifying information is not exchanged.  While first names are often shared, each party in this type of adoption enjoys privacy.  You will be able to receive letters and pictures from your baby’s family.  They will be sent to you through the agency with which you choose to work.

Confidential Adoption: This option is available to birth-parents who would like to remain completely anonymous.  The adoption agency you choose will support you throughout your pregnancy and will select a family that is a good fit for your wishes.  Your identity will be protected before, during and after the adoption is complete.


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